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9 Tips for Desert Gardening You Must Never Forget

desert gardening

Desert Gardening Desert gardening can be a great challenge because of harsh environmental conditions like frost, inadequate rainfall, and high winds. In addition to the unfavorable climate, desert soils also have a poor nutrient value, rendering the plants unhealthy, and vulnerable to pests and diseases. Despite the problems encountered in a desert, it is still [Continue]

10 Healthy, Edible Plants You Can Grow Indoors

Starting an indoor vegetable garden, a rewarding endeavor, not only brings nature indoors, but it provides organic foods to add to home-cooked meals, enhancing a healthy lifestyle. Here are ten of the healthiest vegetables for an indoor garden along with suggestions for preparation and the major health benefit each provides. 1. Arugula Arugula, a flavorful [Continue]

10 Must Have Gardening Tools

Tools You Need for Your Garden No matter what you’re doing in the garden, you need a few tools to perfect your craft. With the right gardening tools, planting, pruning, mulching, and the many other steps involved in growing fruit, vegetables, flowers, and plants becomes a simplified process that even people who thought they didn’t have [Continue]

11 Helpful Gardening Tips for Beginners

gardening for beginners

Gardening Advice For Beginners Gardening can be a worthwhile and productive hobby, but getting started is sometimes the hardest part. Many people aren’t quite sure what to do to get started or have concerns over the space they have for a garden. Whatever your concerns, there are many tips and tricks to help you feel [Continue]