Tips & Tricks

I’m so glad you stopped by this section and I’m even more happy to share these neat gardening tips and tricks with you.

For now I will keep it at a short 20, but I will keep updating this section every chance I get and for every new tip I discover or an old one I remember.

Gardening Tips & Tricks

  1. Fill the bottom of your pots with foam peanuts, this will make them easier to move and improve drainage.
  2. Want to give your garden a calcium boost? Grind some eggshells into a powder and sprinkle them across your garden.
  3. Use those plastic forks to keep pets and animals at bay. Simple stick them into the ground across your garden with the fork side up.
  4. If you live in an apartment or have a small balcony and no yard, start gardening with a Rubbermade storage container.
  5. Use baby diapers to help retain moisture in potted plants!
  6. Use Epsom Salt for a healthy garden. Among it’s many uses, Epsom Salt is rich with magnesium and sulfate which help promote a healthy garden.
  7. Use vegetable cooking water to fertilize your plants. Save your vegetable cooking water as it contains nutrients your garden is craving for.
  8. Use citrus peels to start your seedlings. It will compost in the soil and nourish the seedling, one final thing to remember is to poke a hole at bottom for drainage.
  9. If you don’t have the skills to build a raised garden bed out of wood, use cinder blocks instead! Their holes make herb separation a breeze.
  10. Line your gardening pots with coffee filters to keep the soil from falling out. Water drains, soil stays put, a win win.
  11. Use eggshells as starters. Plant your seeds indoor inside eggshells until the outdoor weather permits growth, they’re calcium rich and cheap, and you can plant them whole once ready.
  12. You can grow beautiful roses bushes just from prior trimmings. A great way to do it is to push the bottom end of a rose trimming into a potato to help it retain moisture as it develops its roots.
  13. Stop invasive plants by cutting the bottom of a plastic pot and burying it into the ground. This will limit the growth of the root system of the invasive plant in question.
  14. Plant your seeds around an empty plastic pot, to create a well. This helps with easier and deeper watering of the roots. Helps with the plants whose roots go deep and require watering.
  15. Make your own mini greenhouse with the help of a recycled plastic soda bottle. Cut the bottom 3/4 of a plastic soda bottle for a perfect little dome for your seedlings.
  16. Pinch the tips of your herbs to encourage beautiful and healthy leaves. Plants are alive! Show them some love and activate their instincts to grow by pinching.
  17. Save the rain. Make your own rail barrel to water the garden with, you’ll just need a heavy duty trash can. It’s relatively easy to setup and your water bill will thank you.
  18. Construct a dry creek bed to break up and create visual interest in the yard. Very low maintenance, looks fantastic, and helps redirect rain drainage.
  19. Make your own weedkiller. Mix 1 gallon of white vinegar, 1 cup of table salt, 1 tablespoon of liquid Dawn Dish Soap. Avoid spraying much of your grass with it however.
  20. To prevent your string trimmer from jamming or breaking, spray it with vegetable oil before installing it onto the trimmer.


I hope you found these nifty tips and tricks helpful! I will be sure to update this page as often as I can. Please feel free to contact me with a tip or trick of your own and I will be sure to include it on here.