Why Are Young People Turning to Gardening?

Young People

Young People and Gardening

As the year 2017 nears its last quarter, it would not be fair not to look out for gardening trends that are expected to continue in 2018 for young people. According to Liberty Hyde Bailey, a garden needs a lot of patience and attention because the plants thrive due to the time somebody took to tend to them. Young people turn to gardening because they watch for best notable trends in the future that will gear their lives to upper heights. Some of this trends are;

Old and New Mixture

A few years back, it didn’t seem right to mix an urban look with a traditional one. But people are slowly embracing the idea that a garden can incorporate both ideas to bring out an appealing final look. How you combine the two ideas is what matters. It could be a traditional garden with a few modern touches. A landscaper could come in handy in giving ideas on how to combine the two ideas. This is a trend that will go on in 2018 as people become more and more experimental.


A notable trend expected to prosper in 2018 is the color experimentation. Oscar de la Renta once said that gardening is a form of relaxation and playing around with colors. More people will continue to explore the gardening world as the preference for more color is realized. Color brings life as a whole. Having a colorful garden is gratifying enough. When in low moods and you walk outside to your garden and find all sorts of colorful flowers, the chances are that your mood changes.


With the rising causes of cancer, people are more careful about what they bring into their homes. When you have a garden, it’s hard not to use fertilizers and pesticides. Some of these contain harmful chemicals that may later affect your health. More natural means are available as people will continue to shift to more eco-friendly products.

Do it Yourself

The realization that gardening has many health benefits if you do it yourself could be a 2018 motivator. A study published by National Institute of Health found that the aged could benefit in gardening as it is a leisure activity that in turn boosts their health. The exposure to sunlight increased their calcium levels. Gardening is a great way of exercising as it strengthens your muscles. It also helps in working your body into flexibility and deals with loneliness especially for the elderly.

Container Gardening

This is a trend you will see a lot. The idea of having different containers with various types of plants is exciting. For people who don’t have so much space outside, this could work blend in well. The biggest advantage of container gardening is that you can take it inside. You may have a hanging basket right inside the house creating an alluring effect. You could go to your vendor and have them advise you on what works well inside the house. The natural blend that comes with the different plants placed on your patio or the window seals enhance the overall appeal of your home.

Weather Conditions

Gardening is an exciting venture as it makes you discover things you probably didn’t think could work. The weather can be so unfavorable with harsh conditions. Therefore, having a garden with plants that can cope with such situations is what people will be looking for, all through. Nobody wants a garden full of dried plants because of too much sunlight. For example, the zinnia seeds and amaranth can withstand the hot, dry summers compared to others. People will continue to buy such seeds since they want the garden looking vibrant all seasons.


Gardens that require low maintenance will keep trending. Sometimes, people are busy with work such that it may be challenging to maintain a garden. However, identifying plants that require minimal care is what will be the focus. The size of your garden is what determines the types of plants to put up. Evergreen shrubs are an option as they are low maintenance. There is a wide variety of such plants in the market as demand gradually rises.


A trend that will stick on is the idea of having play and entertainment spaces. Most times, people who have space outside not only want for gardening but also, a place where they can host guests comfortably. Some people may even prefer putting up a basketball court for their leisure time. Find a designer who can install your preferred choice in your yard.

Natural Dye

An exciting discovery that may stay on is a natural dye garden. You identify plants that can be used to make dye for clothing and yarn. You can carefully choose flowers that act as a dye and at the same time enhance the look of the garden. You can easily incorporate these flowers into a cutting favorite. Such flowers will integrate well with other plants. Once it’s time to harvest, you get the fabric you intend to dye and place them on it. Examples of such flowers are the Japanese indigo, purple basil, and marigold. However, there are much more varieties available for the dyeing process. Check with your vendor on what’s available in your area and what will work well in your garden.

Attracting Pollinators

Michael Pollan says that the garden is where we can meet nature halfway. In this case, we can help bring balance. Experts continuously urge people to diversify their plants and incorporate some that will facilitate pollination. Find plants that have flowers which will attract pollinators to the garden like bees. Plants also act as shelter and a source of food for some animals.

Gardening trends will not stick around forever but the above are some that you should watch out for in 2018. You can start incorporating them as early as now to see what works for you. This list will make you incorporate some of the ideas above that you feel will highly benefit you.

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