10 Gardening Trends to Look Out for in 2018


More and more people are getting interested in gardening each year. This trend has seen the choices made in garden plants and ideas change drastically. A gardening idea that was a must have two years ago might not get half the attention it got today. Preferences, weather conditions, and home styles play a crucial role in determining the trends people go for each year. What should you look out for in 2018?

More Eco-Friendly Choices

People are more aware of the dangers chemicals, and inorganically grown plants pose to the environment and the soil. This has seen a rise of organically grown plants using natural methods and 100% chemical free fertilizers through 2017 and this will continue into the years to come. Pesticides and other chemicals to promote growth will see a downturn in 2018. It is not just about the soil but the air as well. Some of the chemicals used can cause air pollution. Instead of chemical herbicides, use a mixture of salt, vinegar, and water to take care of the weeds. Do not use too much as this can weaken the soil.

Small Gardening Ideas

Gardening will not only be a luxury for those with big outdoor spaces, but even those living in squeezed apartments can enjoy the activity. There will be a rise in demand for potted plants that do not require much space. There is also an increase of people who love gardening but do not have the skills. Ready and potted plants are an ideal choice for such.

There are also mini plants that grow an inch or less every year that can be placed in containers to give you an idea of how having your garden might feel. You can have such plants in your house and later transfer them to a real garden when they outgrow the container.

Growing Plants for Food

More people nowadays want to have control of everything they eat. When you have your garden where you can plant tomatoes, onions and other vegetables, the need to source outside is reduced. You can plant organic plants and have the confidence of feeding your family healthy foods. Also, extreme weather conditions in the world sometimes mean food shortages, especially vegetables. When you plant your own, you are assured of a consistent supply all year round. It is also cheaper than buying from the grocery store.

The Rise of all Weather Plants

Global weather changes have also affected gardening choices. There is a need for all weather plants. This does not mean the beauty will be affected in any way. Plants such as Sedan Spuruim, Mexican cactus AgastacheRugosa, and EchinocactusGrusoni can withstand long periods of drought. Perennial plants are also coming back as a welcome relief from seasonal choices.

Focus on Body Mind and Spirit

People in 2018 will not only garden because it is refreshing and engaging but as psychologist advice, nature holds the key to happiness and peace. The more time you spend gardening, the more fulfilled and in rhythm with nature you will be. Families will be spending more time together gardening. This activity has shown to boost health.

Boldness will be Significant Color

2018 will be the year many will let their reservations loose and experiment with different colors and designs. The bold will mix all assortments of colors while the not so daring will go for two or three different shades. All green gardens will be replaced with colorful and exciting combinations that will be elegant, and a must have. Color changing plants such as conifers will also be highly sorted out.

Gardens will be an Extended Kitchen

Can you envision yourself on a warm summer evening preparing your best family dinner, not in your regular kitchen but your garden? The trend in 2018 will see more people going for a garden kitchen. It will be a fully equipped kitchen with a separate dining area where you can prepare all meals as you soak in the surrounding beauty, scents, and colors. How fulfilling can that be?

To make the kitchen blend into the surroundings, you can opt for more natural looking materials and colors. Also, ensure it is well protected from weather conditions and the furniture pieces you choose are easy to clean and maintain.

Biodiversity Will be Evident in the Choices Many will Go For

Perennial and seasonal plants will go hand in hand while short, and longer plants will thrive side by side. It will be a contrast to the typical clean one level lawns and gardens that have been witnessed in yester years. On the same note, older and new styles will be mixed whether it is a new or older garden. There will not be one consistent style all throughout the garden but different styles both modern and tradition will be evident. More natural objects such as rocks and wild hedges will be more familiar in the garden in 2018.

Water Conservation Measures will be a Key Point to Consider

In 2018, more water saving plants will be sort for. People are getting aware of the climate changes and the need to preserve water even in gardening choices. Water retaining plants and those that require more water will be put aside as people go for climate friendly varieties.

Experimental Plants will be the New Thing

People will want to have gardens that are unique and different. They will not go for the common variations but will go for exotic, little heard of plants that will raise eyebrows. They will experiment with plants such as the tomato heartbreaker that produces heart shaped tomatoes, the cuca-melons that look like melons but taste like cucumbers and the lemon cucumber that is a lemon shaped cucumber.

There are quite a lot of exciting gardening ideas to choose from in 2018. No matter your choice, there is a lot of variety of plants to compliment your style. Also, go for elegant unfinished furniture pieces in the garden. These will blend well with the surroundings. You will not have to go for expensive gardening trends, but simply do it yourself methods will transform your garden into nature’s best friend.

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