6 Plastic Milk Bottle Hacks – Useful & Free

6 Plastic Milk Bottle Hacks

Plastic bottles are something that many of us try to avoid in order to reduce our impact on the environment. However, sometimes it seems like they are unavoidable, especially when it comes to milk bottles. While you can recycle the bottles after you finish using them, they can also be upcycled or repurposed into other useful items. Here are six plastic milk bottle hacks to spark your creativity and contribute to your sustainable lifestyle.

Bird Feeder

While you can always purchase a backyard bird feeder, making on out of a plastic bottle not only reduces your waste, but can also help you save money. To make the feeder, all you will need is an exacto knife, a chopstick, a marker, and of course your plastic milk bottle. Simply mark a hole large enough for the chopstick to fit through about 2.5 inches from the bottom of the bottle. Mark a larger hole on the side of the bottle an inch or two about the first. Cut out the holes with the exacto knife and insert the chopstick into the smaller hole. Fill the bottle with bird food until it reaches the rim of the hole. Then, simply hang the feeder from any tree branch and enjoy the new visitors!

Pencil or Makeup Organizers

plastic milk bottle pencil organizer

Making organizers from plastic bottles can be an easy way to upcycle your bottles into something useful. For this project, all you will need is an exacto knife, marker, and an iron. Mark a line around the circumference of the milk bottle at the desired height for your organizer, usually five or six inches from the bottom. Cut along the line until you have removed the top of the bottle. With your iron set on its lowest setting, place the cut edge of the bottle against the iron. Keep the plastic on the iron just long enough to get rid of any sharp edges. Feel free to leave the organizer as is or decorate to your heart’s content.


plastic milk bottle planter

Why buy a planter at the store when you can make one at home from your old bottles? To make one of these planters, be sure to us your marker to indicate where you would like to cut your bottle. You can simply cut your bottle straight across or give it some character by adding cat ears. Cut along the line you have marked to remove the top of the bottle. Depending on the water sensitivity of your plant, you make also wish to cut small holes into the bottom of the bottle for better drainage. After that, it’s simply a matter of picking out your favorite plant!

Jewelry or Small Object Container

If you find yourself constantly losing earrings or computer chips, this easy project is a great way to upcycle your plastic bottle. For this project, you will need a hot glue gun in addition to the exacto knife. Cut off the openings of two plastic bottles with the lids still screwed on. Then use the hot glue gun to glue the cut edges together until you are sure you have a solid seal. This great little container is another way to reuse plastic bottles towards keeping yourself organized. You can still hold onto the rest of the bottle for some other projects.

Dust Pan or Scoop

plastic milk bottle dust pan

If you have already removed the top of your milk bottle to make a small container, you can still put the rest of that plastic to good use. Using a marker, draw a circle around the top of the milk bottle’s handle. Draw a much larger triangle around the base of the handle. Use and exacto knife to cut along these lines and in a matter of seconds, you will have a homemade dust pan. Alternatively, you can leave the handle intact and cut the bottom of the bottle out in a curved shape to create a scoop. Either of these options will give you a useful tool a no cost!

Watering Can

Looking for an easy way to water your plants? If you have a needle, matches, and a plastic milk bottle, you can make your own watering can in a matter of minutes. Remove the lid from the milk bottle and carefully heat the needle over a flame. Use the hot needle to poke holes into the bottle cap. Once you have a decent number of holes, fill the bottle up with water, screw the lid back on, and use for all of your watering needs.

There are many ways you can put plastic bottles to good use and upcycle them for new projects. These six hacks are a great way to reuse your old bottles and enjoy a fun project along the way.

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