How to Organize Your Gardening Tools and Supplies

carrying box

Seven Tips to Organize Your Gardening Tools

If you own a lot of gardening tools, you want to keep them neat and organized, so you know exactly where they are when you need them. Organizing your gardening tools will save you time when you look for a certain one because it has a particular place. This process can seem daunting to begin with, but we’ll tell you several easy ways to organize your garden tools.

1. Use Pegboard


If you’re looking for an affordable and easy way to hang up the majority of your gardening tools in an organized manner, pegboard can help. You simply have to measure an area for your pegboard and purchase a sheet of it. You may have to cut it down to fit your selected area. Next, you can make a frame for your pegboard to hang on, or adhere it right to the wall. Finally, purchase some hook holders and secure your gardening tools to the pegboard. They’ll be out of your way, and easy to find.


2. Recycle an Old Dresser


If you have an old dresser sitting around, you can use this like built in shelves to store your pots, dirt, trays, and small gardening supplies. You can also leave the drawers in and label each on according to what gardening tools you keep in each drawer. This will keep them safe from the elements or moisture. You can customize this dresser any way you want, and if you’re afraid of stains or something leaking on it, you can stain and seal it before you use it. This will make it last season after season as a great storage area.


3. Create a Carrying Box

carrying box

If you have a small wire basket sitting around your home, you can turn this into an organization box for your smaller gardening supplies and tools. You want it to have handles, so it’s easy to carry around as you need it. Once you’ve found the perfect basket, you can line it with canning jars to put your spades, rakes, seeds, pliers, wire, and any other small items in. This basket will keep them all in one place, and portable.


4. Create a Garden Tool Rack

garden tool rack


Once you have all of your smaller gardening tools organized, it’s time to organize your larger tools. If you have space next to your pegboard from suggestion one, you can create this easy large gardening tool tool holder. You’ll need two pieces of stud work timber, and this will become your primary large gardening tool holding device. You measure and cut grooves in both of the studs, in equal distances. Once you have the grooves cut, you can mount the hangers on your wall and hang your large gardening tools up.


5. Make a Potting Bench

This is a weekend project, but it will give you one space to store all of your gardening odds and ends. You can make this potting bench out of completely upcycled materials like wood pallets, scraps of wood, and pegboard. You can make this as complicated or as simple as you want. The tutorial shows a potting bench with a functional sink that drains into your flowers, but if you want to go with fewer bells and whistles, you’ll still have an excellent storage space.


6. File Cabinet Storage

Empty Filing Cabinet-resized-600

If you have a file cabinet sitting around and not being used, you can upcycle it and turn it into a storage space. First, take the drawers out of your file cabinet, and paint it any color you like. Once it dries, lay it down on its back with the drawer side up. This will act as the holder for your tools. Set your file cabinet next to a wall, so your long handled gardening tools have something to lean on, and fill the spots where the drawers were accordingly. You can use each drawer for a different type of tool. One can be used for long handled tools, one for pots and trays, and one for small hand tools. They’ll all be in one place, and easily accessible.


7. Use a Rolling Cart


If you want an easy and portable storage space for all of your gardening tools, use a serving cart. This small cart comes with a handle, and two shelves with raised edges. You are able to tuck all of your supplies into this small serving cart and move it around as you plant around your yard. If your cart comes with slatted bottoms or wire baskets, clean up will be easy.


We have listed seven easy ways to organize and store all of your gardening tools. You don’t have to dedicate a lot of time to any of these projects, and you’ll end up with an organized space that makes it easy to locate all of your gardening tools.

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