10 Must Have Gardening Tools

Tools You Need for Your Garden

No matter what you’re doing in the garden, you need a few tools to perfect your craft. With the right gardening tools, planting, pruning, mulching, and the many other steps involved in growing fruit, vegetables, flowers, and plants becomes a simplified process that even people who thought they didn’t have green thumbs can complete.

Gardening is fun, pleasurable, and helps you understand that it is the little things that really make life worth living. Ensure that you are equipped with the right tools to begin a new venture in gardening that leaves you fulfilled and rewarded.

If you’re ready to grow your own beautiful plants, colorful flowers, and delicious fruits, veggies, and herbs, do so after purchasing each of the 10 gardening tools featured on the list below. These must-have gardening tools enhance productivity, reduce hassle, and make this enjoyable hobby far more rewarding when the day is done.


Thorns, bushes, shrubbery, insects, etc. threaten your hands while gardening. These things and many others can damage the skin and cause your hands to look unattractive and unkempt. Luckily, a pair of gardening gloves is all you need to eliminate those woes. Many types of gardening gloves are available for purchase. Each has its own set of pros and cons to evaluate before investing your money into the product. Leather gloves are the choice of many gardeners because these gloves are strong, durable, and capable of withstanding even the toughest of gardening jobs. Add a pair of arm protectors for added protection to your skin. These are the ones I buy.

Hand Trowel

Hand Trowel

As a gardener, digging holes and playing in dirt are two jobs you’ll complete often as you plant and transplant all your favorites. A hand trowel is an easy-to use gardening tool, but since it is used for purposes above, a strong, durable, and comfortable to hold hand trowel are important qualities to seek. A wooden handled trowel with ergonomic design is best suited for gardeners. Browse some good ones here.

Garden Hoe

garden hoe

The many uses for a garden hoe make this another of the must-own gardening tools. Several types of gardening hoes exist; choose the one best for you according to the type of garden you’re growing. The standard garden hoe easily fits between rows of vegetables, so this type is best for a vegetable garden. Choose a thinner garden hoe if you’re growing flowers or herbs. Browse for one here.


Perfect for moving heavier, bulky items like gravel, the shovel is a gardening tool every gardener should own. Digging holes is another use you’ll get from the shovel. This hand tool features a long handle made of wood or heavy-duty plastic attached to a stainless steel or metal blade. Several types of shovels are available for purchase, including the scoop shovel, the spade shovel, and the square shovel. Choose a high-quality shovel with a comfortable handle for easier use in the garden. Here is a list of some good digging shovels.

Manual Grass Gardening Shears


Removing dead flowers, pruning, and edging are a few of the duties upon you as a gardener. Completing these tasks by hand can be very time consuming and frustrating, but thanks to gardening shears, that worry is eliminated. Gardening shears of various size help make gardening an easy and enjoyable task. Choose several pairs of gardening shears to ensure you have the right size for the job on hand. Larger shears make light work of cutting bigger branches, while a smaller pair of shears is best-suited for flowers or small plants. Here is a good list of some top choices of manual gardening sheers.

Garden Rake

A garden rake is another valuable gardening tool. Do not confuse this rake with the leaf or lawn rake, as the two differ in both form and function. The garden rake provides the gardener an abundance of versatility and enhanced productivity, making jobs like leveling soil an easy task. Carefully choose the garden rake you will use because they’re all different and will not provide the same benefit as the next. Browse amazon for some good choices.


Well-manicured shrubs and trees add extreme ambiance and flair to the exterior of your home, thus adding curb appeal and value to the structure. A pair of pruners provides the best method of manicuring your lawn. Many pruners exist; carefully choose the pair you buy. A pair of pruners with crossover blades and a safety catch with an ergonomic comfort grip are best-suited for such a task. Pruners can hurt your hands, so do take the time to choose the right pair before purchase. Browse amazon for some good choices.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer


Privacy and sophistication are two benefits of hedges, but these enjoyments come only when the greenery is cared for properly. Sure, hiring a professional landscaper to trim the hedges is an option, but you can also purchase a hedge trimmer and complete the job yourself. Maintaining your own hedges is simple and saves money. Many trimmers are on the market, all with their own pros, cons, and price tag. Compare a few options to find a hedge trimmer that allows you to easily trim the hedges. If you’re creative, with a bit of practice using the trimmer you’ll be able to make awesome designs in the hedges! Here is a top 5 list of the best cordless hedge trimmers, check it out before you make a purchase.

Knee Savers

Although this isn’t technically a gardening tool, it is one of those accessories you’ll be glad you invested in, especially when you spend long days pruning your plants. The versatile pads provide you with a comfortable place to sit or kneel upon when in the garden. The low-cost knee savers are available in assorted sizes and designs to accommodate the needs of all gardeners. Browse amazon for some good knee pads.

Garden Hose

A garden hose makes it easy to water the plants you’re growing. The choices in garden hoses are plentiful, so it is simple to find an easy-to use garden hose that exceeds expectations. Some of the garden hoses out there feature heat-resistant materials, non-tangle design, and lots of other perks. Sort through the choices to find a garden hose that takes care of your gardening needs while exceeding expectations. Browse Amazon for a good one.

You Need These Gardening Tools

Although there are many other gardening tools you’ll likely purchase after you transition into gardening with confidence, the 10 items listed above are those you’ll need from the very start. These 10 tools are a gardeners best friend, easing the workload and making the job of gardening far more rewarding. Buy all the tools that you want and get outside in the garden!

No matter what you choose to grow in the garden, the amount of time you can devote to gardening, or your place of residence, you’ll find gardening engaging, relaxing, and choked-full of other rewards, like the benefit of growing your own veggies (and saving money in the process.) Learn the passions that come along with gardening firsthand and purchase the tools listed above so you can begin your new hobby without further delay.

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